why doping has become popular

In an attempt to win, athletes are ready to go to a lot of victims - to exercise "to failure" in the gym for years to comply with a rigid diet, through the pain of his injuries, to move forward, overcoming obstacles and barriers. Unfortunately, in our time, this ideal model champion, is gradually becoming a ghost. More and more athletes resorting to doping and is not always possible to believe innocent eyes, which is written in capital letters - "I do not know how it got to me, I do everything legally."

Try to understand what is doping and why many modern athletes use it. It is believed that doping substances are drugs. This is partly true, at least, some of doping drugs actually are related to the synthesis and have an effect on the body http://meldonium-mildronate.com/. They may be obtained from a plant-derived components by development dishonest luminaries science of conventional medicines or in laboratory instead of the home. Doping drugs significantly increase the power and energy potential, improve concentration and activity of the sportsman on a short-term period.

In the early 20th century, it was officially recorded first doping horses ....! Of course, they do not themselves pricked himself stimulants. Tried "resourceful" riders. For the sake of victory in the race at the races, they did not hesitate to feed the poor animals psychotropics. The incident was hushed up, and although scientists have no doubt understood what harm have their development, experimentation continued. Only this time, in the role of test were people who, at times, was not asked about their willingness to make a contribution to science.

So, the world is well known (but not proven) that Adolf Hitler, became interested in research of his fellow soldiers and forced to use certain drugs to enhance their capabilities.

In 1960, at the Rome Olympics, there was a first doping tragedy. Two cyclist in the race lost consciousness. One of them died. Then the causes of hidden, but when the Tour de France cyclist Tom Simpson died suddenly also became aware of the details of these two deaths. It turned out that the blood of both athletes, following powerful excitatory substances were found.

Actually, at that time, drugs, organized under the title "dope", enjoyed great popularity among athletes, but to reveal their use was extremely difficult. There was a shortage of technology, and not all "popular" substances have been properly studied.

Now athletes are doping controls at major competitions, and still, every now and then flare up scandals associated with it. It is not known what to expect athletes doping samples occur in a fairly strict regime. But in principle, the penalty for use of stimulants, only a 2-year disqualification, for the first time, that gently enough, given the drug are drugs.

Even in training, no one checks the athletes, and it is precisely there, doping is used in most large scale.

Types of doping

Talking about doping, not to mention its basic forms:

Peptide hormones. This medication, commonly used in life, but they are banned in sport. These include erythropoietin and attention, surprise - all that well-known growth hormone, growth hormone.

Erythropoietin. In pharmacology it is widely used to treat various diseases. But only under medical supervision. The slightest excess in dosage may result in death. The drug is banned by all sports committees and its use, could face a lifetime disqualification from the deprivation of all honors.

Growth Hormone. A growth hormone. It is also used for medical purposes. And now unpleasant news. Growth hormone, is often found in sports nutrition as power increase muscle fibers and slimming agent. This is positioned as a safe substance, not doping character. Meanwhile, it is a prohibited substance in the period of the competition. So, before you buy sports nutrition look carefully whether it contains no dope! To a doping test, it was not a surprise for you.

Analgesics. Designed to alleviate the pain associated with injuries. Conventional painkillers, are allowed to use in the sport. However, many athletes are turning to the forbidden steroid.

Diuretics. The use of these drugs is not encouraged at the competitions and championships, so they are able to mask the use of anabolic steroids,. In medicine it is used frequently, but without an individual examination is not appointed, because they can cause health dire consequences.

Anabolic steroid. The most common type of doping, which can be bought. It is difficult to imagine a sport in which they are applied. Is that chess is a drug for the brain there too. Although, as a cure for them to take appropriate, found steroids in the blood, can serve as a lifetime ban, with no right of appeal.

That seemed to-be, an amazing thing - a drug widely used in medicine, and in the sport - is prohibited. Is it only for the athletes were on an equal footing in the competition? Unfortunately, one is not limited fairness. Doping is not prescribed by a doctor to cure any illness, it causes a variety of adverse symptoms during active human activity.

Interesting fact - the last time the disease suddenly appeared in many professional athletes that require consumption of drugs of doping character. Although a sports policy and better not go into it. All the more so on the testimony of a doctor, a sports committee allows for the emergence of these athletes on the cross-country tracks and gyms.

Eat doping or not, for the sake of improving athletic performance, a private matter. But in our opinion a couple of dubious records, not worth the harm to your health, which has a doping jogging, swimming, biathlon, wrestling and all other sports. Be healthy!