What kinds of sexual disorders use Levitra

Among the many different physiological, mental and other disorders and diseases of the human body's sexual dysfunction are allocated to a special group. They appear in different forms:

All this leads to disruption of the normal mode of sexual relations and determines disharmonious phenomena in the sexual life of a person. Basically, when such violations main causes of sexual dysfunction are secondary look here.

Various types of diseases

In all these cases, there are neurotic problems that exacerbate and aggravate the course of these sexual disorders, they are called neurohumoral diseases.

Their main reason is caused by lesions of the brain diencephalic area or lesion of the adrenal, pituitary, gonads and other endocrine systems in various disorders of puberty and his delay syndromes, as well as age-related changes and weakening of sexual function. The main role in the manifestation of these diseases is the presence in the patient of different tumors, the development of inflammation and prolonged circulatory disorders.

Sexual disorders in this group lead to the appearance of reducing sexual desire and the emergence hyposexuality.


For the diagnosis of diseases using a combination with symptoms disrupting the intermediate areas of the brain, and study various endocrine systems of the body with the help of these methods:

Treatment of neuroendocrine diseases produce certain pathological focus and increase the body's resistance through the use of bio-stimulants - ginseng, devil, pantokrina etc. Sexual disorders are manifested in mental and nervous disorders, widely distributed fairly. When they manifest violation of the conditioned reflex behaviors in the area of ​​sex.

They appear in the instability of erection, ejaculation, getting satisfaction from sex, etc. This is caused by both external factors and patient self-suggestion that there had any sexual violation.

For the diagnosis of secondary disturbances using a temporary connection with the manifestation of sexual pathologies underlying disease - neurosis, psychosis. For example, in neurasthenia hypersthenes characteristic acceleration ejaculation process, while gipostenii - a sharp decline in sexual desire, erection occurs when the loosening with a characteristic delay or complete disappearance of ejaculation.

Treatment of secondary violations is the simultaneous use of psychotherapeutic methods, together with the prevention of the underlying disease. It is based on the use of medicines in conjunction with a decompression method of inducing an erection in a pressure chamber.

The main factor for their development are different traumatic influence during intimacy. These people produced by conditioned reflex complexes and mental inhibition occurs during intercourse. This neurosis is often the case with men because of the expectation of failure during intercourse. The resulting problem is a vicious circle that does not allow such a patient successfully have intercourse, and there is a depression. This manifests itself in premature ejaculation, its absence and the weakening of erection. All ends with a sharp decrease in libido.

In women, these violations occur in a weak sexual desire (frigidity) and anorgasmia. Such deviations lead to the predominance of asthenic and hypochondriac disorders of the psyche.

Treatment of primary disturbances produced by the following scheme:

The first stage of psychotherapy to overcome the backlog of patient complexes. For this purpose, the use of such medications may as thioridazine sonapaks or in appropriate dosage;

With neglect of the disease requires the implementation of a special course of sexual rehabilitation of both sexual partners, using the whole arsenal of psychiatry, physiotherapy and medication.

In a separate group of distinguished mental disorders and nervous character, suspiciousness caused by the patient.

Some patients impose excessive demands to themselves and others "find" at various flaws in third inadequate response to natural fluctuations in sex, etc. Prevention of these diseases lies in improving overall sexual culture of the population.