What consequences await the patient after depression

There are several criteria by which it is possible, anyway, to evaluate the quality of our lives:

If all performance criteria can be called positive, it indicates a high quality of life of the individual. Well, if even one of the criteria still negative, it is advisable to think about what can be done to improve it, and if it is not possible for any reason, try to change the attitude to the problem.

So with the disease depression will be evident, that all the indicators will be far superior. Prolonged depression can lead to very serious consequences. In addition, the fact that long-term depression is very bad effect on the entire body visit the site what is zoloft, including the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, will hurt internal organs, spine, frequent colds, etc., doctors can not make the correct diagnosis, because that there is no obvious pathologies, on this basis can develop various phobias.

Depression changes the person, resulting in dementia and destroys personality, some stages of the fracture can be treated only with medication. More precisely, depression leads to disability, transforms man into a vegetable. Therefore, it is necessary to be treated and overcome depression. The best cure for depression - this is the work and creativity. And again, if the situation can not be corrected, then you should try to treat it differently.

"I'm going to talk about this depression (mental illness) and not the words that people so often used to say" oh, I'm bad, I'm depressed. " The effects of depression can be different. From the psycho-emotional disorders to suicide attempts. Personally, I have depression lasted 9 months, and the effects of the following: a very severely damaged the nervous system, often neuroses, the decline of mood without cause permanent disruption to loved ones, the constant presence of "a" and most importantly, insomnia. Until now sleep at night is not learned, and it's been three years. If a person is really a true depression, you have to consult your doctor immediately. Since then it will be much worse (as happened in my situation, in principle) "Miss H.

In my opinion, very indicative description, but all the same to complete the picture represent the sick person with depression and the effects of the disease.

Poor appearance. Depression is accompanied by hair loss, skin fading, brittle nails, etc., It is certainly not the worst, but for women, especially young appearance is very important. If symptoms progress, there is a loss of power and incentive to take care of yourself: wash, comb, wash clothes. Step-by-step look of a man suffering from depression worsens. And it's not laziness or unwillingness to look after themselves, and in the absence of power and meaning to it.

The deterioration of physical condition. Psychosomatics real thing and the patient subjectively feels so bad that he was forced to go from one specialist to another, hoping that someone will cure it.

Family problems. The majority of patients with depression do not cope with the problems in the family. Men need to be strong and support his family, and the woman put the mission of the guardian of the family hearth. Therefore, statistics of the disease of depression is higher among women than men. The woman should be the emotional support of her husband, children, sympathize, empathize with them, charged with positive emotions. And if the internal reserves were exhausted, if the woman is due to his illness can not fulfill his destiny, if she is not able to experience positive emotions? Well if the family harmony, then most likely close notice a change in her mental state. But not all sorrow prosperous family, and most often a husband and children, rather than to support a wife and mother, provoke deterioration of her condition, writing off occurred with a woman changes lazy on the nature and God knows what more.

Reduced efficiency, up to disability. If physical activity is almost zero, to fulfill their responsibilities is becoming more and more difficult. Unable to learn new information, weakness of concentration, inner protest against the work, confusion - all this affects the quality of work. Loss of income is clearly not improve the situation, and in fact this can be avoided if the time to contact the experts.

Suicidal thoughts and attempts, self-mutilation. According to some estimates up to 60% of suicide attempts make patients depressive disorders. Patients with depression people commit suicide attempts, not because they do not actually want to live. Simply disease itself provokes them to do so. Bad mood, general deterioration, low self-esteem, feelings of guilt and sinfulness, the inability to cope with their responsibilities, inability to experience positive emotions, the constant feeling of pain of unknown origin, and so forth.

And if we speak frankly, depression can not always be effectively treated. It is connected with the modern pace of life, which simply pushes us to depression. Many are unable to return to normal life, despite the fact that systematically undergoing treatment. And if the case of relapse, and no improvement is observed, then the patient is sent to a special medical-social expert commission, that it stated the loss of the patient's disability. In general, hello disability.