What are the consequences of the overstimulation of men

Normal sexual life is an excellent prevention for many organs. But sometimes it happens that there is no way to end the sexual act. In this case, it is almost ready and excited male body has to stop and not continue any action. But sometimes this leads to overstimulation. In this case, the effects may be different. It all depends on the duration and frequency of overstimulation.

If a man accustomed to a full sex life, the excitement, and consequently may lead to abstinence and masturbation cause pollutions. Seed will spontaneously erupt that somehow ease the condition of men. But in some cases overexcitation unpleasant and may even cause pain. If this was an isolated incident and not a long time, the excitement will not bring any consequences brand cialis overnight shipping.

Symptoms of overstimulation

When a man is set to sexual intercourse, then his body is working in this direction. But there are situations when you can not even begin to sexual intercourse, and the excitement has turned into excitement. This may be a result of the prolonged foreplay, because of the reluctance of women to have sex.

Overexcitation accompanied by some signs that help identify it:

If this happened the first time, these symptoms can not be. Instead, there is a premature ejaculation. However, if such "experiments" to continue, in the future, this leads to lack of erection. And it already requires treatment to the urologist, who will be engaged in treatment. And the physical problems are gradually joined by psychological stress.

If the headache and mild nausea is not so terrible, the pain in the testicles should cause some concern. In the case of overstimulation is evidence of violations and failure. Testicles are important male organ. In addition to the production of sperm, they produce testosterone. And for men it is an important hormone.

Pain in the testicles

As mentioned above, by overstimulation many men experience pain in the testicles of different intensity and duration. There are symptoms that require medical intervention:

When these symptoms must visit a doctor who will diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment. Very often in such cases may occur disease or dysfunction of the male reproductive system. If a man is physically healthy, but overexcited there are pains in the testicles, it is possible to solve the continuation of sexual intercourse or masturbation. If for some reason can not, you should just wait for a while. Usually it takes at least 4 hours. After this time all normal and the pain gradually goes away.

But if a man is aged and has some diseases of the genital organs, the pain will last longer. After all, when excited blood fills the cavernous body of the penis. If sexual discharge does not occur, there is a "rush hour" and the blood never leaves the genitals as quickly as necessary. It is because of this and there are some swelling of the testicles, penis, pain and other discomfort.

Overexcitement solution is very simple. It's enough just to continue sexual contact with a partner. Perhaps the pain will be felt lighter. Within a few hours everything will be transparent to the male body. You can not bring your body to a state. When there is a feeling of overstimulation, you need to stop petting and just go to have sexual intercourse or masturbation.