Byron McCann

My Bio

Based in Seattle, I have a fabulous family and friends.


I am excited about the great potential we have for positive change. Many individuals, not-for-profits, and corporations are doing wonderful things to improve our planet for our long run future. Happily, these changes create much individual and business opportunity for innovation and value creation. 

I am a Just Cause board member and I believe we can use information and a Web-based platform to help anyone create and manage a "just cause" successfully. I enjoy working with the Just Cause team and take great pleasure in knowing that millions of people even doing small things will aggregate to significant change and improvement. 

Creativity and innovation are our human gifts so let's use them to improve our world. Our goal is to discover the solutions and innovations being applied to achieve positive social outcomes and share them with everyone. And, we want our web platform to help anyone apply solutions and creativity easily.There's lots to be done to help our plante. Let's go make some good news! -Byron

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