The more dangerous and dramatic weight loss diet

Most women with overweight dream that he vanished into the most minimal terms. To make their goal a reality, they sit on the strictest diet and starve themselves.

Most often such actions still lead to the weight begins to decrease weight loss pills, but at the same body fat a person loses and health. So let's find out what damage can cause a diet and the development of some diseases can provoke.

The more dangerous and harmful diet for women?

To the female body worked like clockwork he needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Therefore, as soon as she sits on a diet and starting to restrict your diet, her body almost immediately begin to experience stress. Against this background, she can appear irritability, tearfulness, nausea and headaches.

All these symptoms poyavlyayutsya due to the fact that the body begins to lack of certain substances. If a woman is at this stage not to reconsider your diet, the internal problems will manifest itself also visually. Due to the lack of vitamins in the body can deteriorate the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

The worst thing that all of these symptoms worsen an already bad emotional state of the woman, and she can begin to further restrict your diet. But in fact, to the lady returned to her beauty, you just have to learn to eat right.

The more dangerous and harmful diet for men?

Men sitting on a diet tend to set themselves two goals. They want to lose weight quickly and simultaneously disappoint. In view of this, they often choose lean diet consisting mainly of lean meat, fish and vegetables. At first glance, it may seem that these products enough to slimming passed correctly.

In fact, with such a diet dishes are prepared with little or no fat, is allowed only the most minimal use of oil spread out. And as the male body are essential fats, it starts to suffer from shortages. Most often, men who eat low-fat food, there is a problem with the gall bladder. Against the background of a diet he begins to empty, and very rarely leads to stagnation of bile.

It precipitates stone formation and begins with time. First, it can be sufficiently small stones, does not cause the first stage absolutely no discomfort. But if people will continue to persistently limit yourself to fatty foods, they will become very large, and it is likely they will have to be removed surgically.

The more dangerous and harmful diet for teenagers?

In adolescence, the child's body is very rapidly developing and growing, so even the most innocuous diet can harm him. As you know, teenagers are not very stable hormonal background. Sometimes it rises more than necessary, and then sharply drops below normal.

However, it may also fluctuate and weight. In view of this, if the adolescent begins to restrict your diet, the body begin to occur processes, which further worsen the hormonal system. diet also have a negative effect on the brain activity of a teenager.

Since the growing body for the right brain processes are necessary proteins, carbohydrates and fats, even the most minimal decrease in their number in the body leads to the fact that the child is no longer okay to think and he has the lethargy and drowsiness.

The protein diet is dangerous, its harm to health?

Many men find the safest protein diet, but actually eating large amounts of protein can cause irreparable health problems. Since a person sitting on such a diet, eats exclusively threads foods that contain proteins, the body to be processed, it takes a lot of time and effort.

This leads to the fact that all systems are starting to work wear. Most suffer from kidney and mochevik. A very large amount of protein is strong enough acidifies the urine, and it starts to allocate more than usual salts.

If these processes occur for a long time, the salt formed in the rocks, which during urination begin to scratch the urinary canal. For this reason, the people who are sitting on the protein diet is very often develops inflammation of the kidneys and mochevika.