The first signs of endometriosis in women buy Premarin

Endometriosis - a common gynecological disease that depends on the body's hormonal levels. The most common disease affects the uterus, and sometimes her neck. In the fall risk area women of different ages, so it is important to regularly visit a gynecologist to promptly establish a diagnosis and begin treatment. This article will be considered signs of endometriosis in women who appear on a background of various diseases and complications.

Quite often there are a variety of benign growths that occur after caesarean section, near the postoperative scar. Complications arise from the fact that during the operation violated abdominal wall, as well as reproductive organs buy premarin online. In its place is getting better seam sometimes epithelial cells can penetrate the traumatized surface, which causes the tumor. Sometimes the inner seam formed by cells incorrectly, that is due to the inexperience of the doctor. Another reason lies in the low-quality materials, causing the symptoms of rejection of foreign bodies.

Women past this operation, often are at risk zone. From such complications no one is immune. Endometriosis can manifest different symptoms, so you should watch for changes in health carefully. Among the most common signs of complications, doctors say:

Symptoms of endometriosis after 60 years

Women in the "spicy" age increasingly faced with endometriosis. Over the years, the beautiful ladies there are additional diseases that cause various complications. On the appearance of benign tumors is influenced by many factors:
overweight. Typically, women are diagnosed with obesity. In this disease, the metabolism, causing various neoplasms;

diabetes. The disease develops many additional complications including endometriosis. The illness worsens work of all organs and violates vessels, as hormones change. For women with menopause, such complications are harmful, because provoke tumors;

surgical interventions, increasing the risk of the disease at the site of scars;

the impact of various infections. If time does not begin treatment, the infection causes serious complications, such as the endometrium.

The disease blocks the production of progesterone, so tumors body increases. During menopause, estrogen stops feeding, preventing the development of the endometrium. That is why many doctors prescribe drugs that cause menopause. Such treatment will save a woman from the disease, and the unpleasant symptoms disappear over time.

Signs of internal endometriosis

Before looking at the signs of endometriosis, uterine body, you need to understand what it is. Endometriosis - a disease that alters the body of the uterus, nodular growths appear on its surface. According to the severity of the disease share a 4 degree. If timely treatment is not addressed, then the endometrium will hit all of the uterine wall and spread to neighboring abdominal organs. Physicians have identified a number of causes for this disease: difficult childbirth and abortion, intrauterine intervention, stress, a sharp change in climatic conditions.

Neoplasm often manifested severe symptoms that a woman feels:

Symptoms of endometriosis on ultrasound

For precise setting of the diagnosis to the patient is required to appoint an ultrasound. The survey will help accurately detect changes in the female genital organs. The procedure may be carried out in two ways: through the vagina and through the abdominal wall. However, the first option will accurately examine the internal organs and their sizes. Main ehopriznaki endometrium of the uterus is to change the structure and appendages, the seal of all the organs, as well as cysts in the mucosal surface.

Diffuse endometriosis - a serious disease that is a major cause of infertility. This disease affects the uterus by thickening it by 5 cm. Sometimes the body of the uterus cysts appear with bloody content. Initially, the disease provokes pain during menstruation and excessive discharge of blood that may occur during the cycle. Woman feels the constant nagging pain that is exacerbated during intercourse and during the critical days. When the first symptoms should visit a gynecologist and start early treatment.