Nocturnal emissions and the treatment of involuntary ejaculation

Almost all the boys in adulthood faced with the phenomenon of pollution. Nocturnal emissions may be perceived very negatively, as a rule, boys are embarrassed of this phenomenon and hide it. But they are embarrassed him for nothing. This phenomenon - the result of a child gets older, when the body has been formed to sexuality and sexual contacts yet. Moreover, in this age, all sexual experiences up to erotic dreams are perceived particularly bright and strong.

But pollution - is not only a teenage problem. Many men like embarrassments happen when there is an involuntary ejaculation during vivid erotic dream or after too much sexual experience buy dapoxetine online uk. Ejaculation occurs in addition to men's will and often at the wrong time, and because many men want to get rid of it, even if they understand that the pollution - it is not a disease and treat it is not necessary.

Night ejaculation and its causes

As discussed above, involuntary ejaculation is most often in young men who have reached their puberty, but do not have the opportunity to satisfy his sexual desire. During this period, the body of boys undergoing changes, a large number of hormones strongly change its structure and behavior. Develops a male figure, changing the skeleton and muscle mass in the body begin to grow hair, changes the metabolism, voice breaking. All these signs indicate that the body is ripe and ready for adult life, and pollutions body shows its willingness to have sexual relations. Sexual organs are located on the operating mode and begin to produce sperm, which periodically inadvertently spills out.

Thus, the pollution - is not a disease or an anomaly, a signal that the boy develops quite normally.

Besides ejaculation end not all night teenager, and, as a rule, only those when he was excited by erotic dreams or thoughts.

They start in the men's life in 14 years, and do not end in a period, and when the sex life of men is part of normal, and he satisfies his sexual needs. This saturation of the sexual life is a major factor in the emergence of the phenomenon. Even an adult male may have similar problems if it is forced for a long time to abstain from sexual intercourse. It formed men who have chosen a profession that requires a long abstinence because of the lack of women (sailors, geologists working in shifts way to the North, and others.), Can wake up with a wet sheet. So it's not entirely uncommon.

No any certain rules in the frequency of wet dreams, doctors believe that if they disturb the peace of men, nothing to worry about no more than 3 times a week. But if pollutions occur almost every day, you should see a doctor. Treatment associated with the use of drugs or therapy, not everyone will need, ask for help, since most such frequency involuntary ejaculations associated with psychological rather than physical causes.

A good sex therapist or psychologist will be able to understand the root causes of this phenomenon and will be able to carry out qualified treatment, which is also sometimes has only psychological.

But if ejaculation takes place during the day and without any excitement, then you need to see a doctor, as these symptoms may be a cause of serious illness to be treated.

How to deal with involuntary ejaculation?

As has turned out, in most cases, nocturnal emissions do not need treatment, but nevertheless, many men want to get rid of the wet sheets in the morning. There are certain techniques that can help in this struggle, they will not give an absolute guarantee, but will be able to improve the situation. To do this, you need to:

Useful activities before bedtime. The first step is to ventilate the room, and if possible to reduce the temperature to 20-22 degrees, there must be room to cool slightly. Do not overdo it in the cooling and do not catch cold.

Avoid eating before going to bed, it is better if the last meal will have an hour for 4 or 5 to sleep. Of course, you should not overeat and eat heavy and fatty foods. It is best to confine a light dinner with a minimum of fluid to any crowded stomach or bladder is not provoked night ejaculation.

Carefully follow its hygiene, as even a slight inflammation or remnants of smegma under the foreskin can cause itching or irritation, which, in turn, provoke pollution with. It is best to sleep without underwear to avoid friction of the head of the penis tissue.

And if you sleep naked uncomfortable, wear it "family" cowards that you are free.

Active physical exercise can reduce the likelihood of nocturnal emissions, but it is uniquely suited as a mature men, young men enough to sleep a couple of hours to fully relax and rejuvenate even after exhausting exercise. But in any case, the sport will help you improve not only physical parameters but also regulate faster production of testosterone, which helps to further normalize and pollution problems.