Methods of treatment of alopecia areata in men

Alopecia areata in men - an interesting and ambiguous disease. It often happens that a little hair loss a few weeks turns into extensive baldness. There are also cases of the opposite: a man for many years suffering from baldness, in a short time grows wonderful thick hair, and then again losing them. Or does not lose buy propecia online.

Sometimes it seems that hair loss does not depend on external or internal factors. Hair like exists by itself, then activate, then slowing down their life cycle. What people think about this-trichologists doctors?

Such a different pattern baldness

It is no secret that for the successful treatment of any disease requires knowledge of its causes. Baldness in men is no exception. For the treatment of different types of alopecia, doctors use a variety of techniques, so before you start treatment, the doctors set belonging to one of the disease types. Alopecia can be:

The latter theory is called L-mosaic. Proponents of this theory believe that as part of the scalp to the different parts of the different, the sensitivity of the bulbs also varies. This may explain why some men's hair falls out only on the crown, while others - on the back of the head, etc. However, this theory of male alopecia does not explain why, in some cases, hair loss is just around moles or birthmarks. It does not explain it and why blondes are less susceptible to alopecia hair loss.

Naturally, depending on the cause of hair loss specialists choose different methods of treatment and different preparations. It is interesting that, despite the absence of a precise definition of the causes of baldness, trichologists learned to drive the disease into remission, which may last for decades.

Diagnosis and recommendations for the treatment of alopecia areata in men

A reliable test to diagnose alopecia areata does not exist. Doctors diagnose the disease, carefully watching the development of baldness and successively eliminating all the possible causes. Loss of hair on any part of the skin (optionally color) can develop within 24 hours. First, around the hearth appear spiky hair. At this point, some patients may experience tingling, itching, or pain in a part of the body, will begin to fall from the hair.

At this time, a good initial diagnosis. Just pull a few hairs. If they pulled out freely, it means that the disease is in the most active and dynamic phase. Hair loss will continue. To determine the cause of baldness in a particular patient, a dermatologist or trichologist should take a scalp biopsy. Usually it is enough area 4x4 mm.

Depending on the biopsy results assigned treatment of alopecia. Universal methods and recipes do not exist. Some patients are able to grow hair only with continuous treatment. Another rather just one course that hair loss is passed into remission or even stopped.