We are a small and scrappy group of people with a vision. By small, we mean 5 people. By scrappy, we mean 5 people who are not getting paid. By vision, we mean 5 people who truly believe that media can and will save the world, and that by having meaningful conversations about things that actually matter - from a positive and solutions-based perspective - we can cause some serious change.

But we can't do it alone. We know that there are more of you out there, and we want you to be part of our vision - and our scrappy team. Right now, you'd be "working" for a cause. You'd get great exposure, be part of great change, and have a chance to really promote something that you believe in.

We are not paying people YET. However, having just released our 4th issue, we are getting ready to (GASP) start trying to sell ads, which will bring in revenue, which will eventually enable us to pay people. We can't tell you how long that will take, so we need you to think of this as something you do because it promotes a cause, is fun and is better than doing nothing with your time. We will do everything we can to promote you, your cause, give you great clips and experience, make you PDFs of your work that can go in portfolios etc.....

Here's what we're looking for ONLINE:

1. CAUSE Editors. Do you have a cause that you are passionate about, knowledgeable about and just can't talk about enough? We have a place for you. As an online editor, you will write at least 1 blog post a week about your cause. Each blog post should link to articles and sources and recent news about that cause. It should inspire people to think and hopefully take action. Our primary sectors are Arts, Education, Environment, Healthcare, Civic Cause and International Issues. You, however, can be much more specific. Gay rights? Freedom of religion? School nutrition? Clean Water? Sustainable shopping? As long as you do not promote violence or destruction, we'll help you promote your cause. We do NOT promote specific religions or political parties.

These do not necessarily appear in the magazine, but if you're a great writer and have an idea, you'd obviously be first in line to write it as an article for the magazine.

Here's what we're looking for IN THE MAGAZINE:

1. Columnists. Do you have a great idea for a recurring column in JUST CAUSE Magazine? Let us know. Want to take over JUST Shopping? JUST People? Create something new like JUST Eating? JUST.... Must be able to commit to writing on year's worth of columns - 6 columns. Must be a great writer, good analyst, and able to inspire people.

2. Writers. We always need people who can write articles for us. Articles are between 500 - 2,000 words. Need to be well researched, inspirational, gutsy, and have that unique JUST CAUSE angle. This is perfect for unemployed journalists, keep your skills sharp and name out there.

3. Sales. Yes, we're serious. Though we've been told that Alyssa could sell snow to an Eskimo, she can't do that and everything else at the same time. We're building a great kit - if you are an EXPERIENCED AD SALES person, we should talk. Right now it would be commission based, but we're looking for someone to really own this and be part of our team. But we're cautious - we've been screwed before and are, how do they say it, "twice shy?"

Other than that, if you think there's a place for you on our team, be in touch. We wish that we had money to pay a great team lots of money, but we don't. When we do, we will.

We believe that digital magazines paired with community and content rich web sites is the way of the future. As newspapers and magazines flounder on life-support, we think they're doing the wrong things to bring themselves back to life. We believe that NOTHING matters more than content and distribution. We believe that advertisers will respond to great content and great distribution. We believe that the answer lies in getting rid of paper, not people. We believe that there are a lot of unemployed writers, editors, sales people and designers who can work with us to create a new media model and show people that the media is not dying, it's just evolving. We plan on reaping the rewards of our labor and our vision, and are looking for core team members who share our vision, and can share the labor and the rewards.

Send a brilliant, witty, and charming letter to Alyssa at editor - at - justcauseit - dot - com. PLEASE include writing samples - we need to know that you can write!