How to delay the duration of erection

One of the conditions that between a man and a woman had an ideal relationship is lasting erection. But the modern pace of life, is not very good environmental conditions, age of man leads to the fact that many of them are starting to complain about their health and are interested in the question of how to hold an erection.

The peculiarity of the male body is that the majority of men have erection fast, but at the same time and quick ejaculation. In women, these processes are slower, they are excited not so fast, and so, in order to achieve maximum pleasure for both partners, man must know how to hold an erection cheapest brand viagra.

Means and ways to prolong erections

The onset of rapid ejaculation in men occurs often enough, so you need to be able to control an erection, how to do it, we will consider further.

The main thing that the man was not afraid of the fact that it quickly reaches orgasm and never thought about it before each sexual act, this problem can be solved, as there are many effective ways and means that control erection and its duration.

One way of extending the erection is holding the breath. This skill allows you to prolong the sexual act, but they need to master. Do not worry if the first try does not work, after a few workouts will improve the process. The essence of this method is to remove the strain and stress, which usually lead to such problems. It is necessary to take a deep breath and hold your breath for a while. Such action will help to reduce heart rate and to delay ejaculation.

One can achieve the desired result, and by clamping the penis before feel that approaches ejaculation. This should be done with two fingers and press the penis below the head. This way you postpone ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse. By doing the above exercise, the man is a pleasure, not only women, but also himself, as the orgasm is delayed. If weak erection in a man, the use of this method can lead to the fact that after its application member can no longer rise. To carry out this procedure the man should he not trust her partner as soon as he can feel when it is necessary to do so.

The following method is based on the physiological characteristics of the male body. Before you come orgasm, the testicles are pulled up a little if to catch that moment and gently pull them down, that it will extend the time of sexual intercourse. This procedure can be carried out as the man himself and his partner.

Change of posture and muscle training

Enough effective way of extending the duration of sexual intercourse is a change of posture. This should be done at a time when a man feels the approach of ejaculation. It is not enough just to turn around without pulling member. To do this, pull it out of the vagina, turn around and take a different position, for the specified time, a little excitement wears off, and you can continue sexual intercourse again.

In order to delay the orgasm, you can strain the muscles, which are located between the coccyx and the pubis, they are also used for urinary retention. To do this, you need to constantly train these muscles.

You can act on the sensitive points, one of them is the earlobe. But in this case you can not overdo it, because it is very sensitive, and if you press firmly, then emerged the pain can prolong an erection, and the cavity to remove it.

Before the onset of ejaculation, you should click on the point, which is located between the anus and the scrotum. For this purpose, put together your fingers (index, middle and ring). You must press vigorously for a few seconds. If deeply enter the penis and reduce the amplitude of frictions, the pressure in the penis decreases, and the onset of ejaculation postponed for a while.

Any unpleasant thoughts during intercourse can also lead to a reduction drive, but do not overdo it, otherwise erection can completely abyss. Some men prolong sexual intercourse the condom helps those who do not like to use it, you can wear special rubber rings. You can just masturbate before intercourse, and that way you remove the tension and excitement.