How fast to lose weight for the summer

Very soon, boots and jacket will go on a holiday, and the city will bloom with bright floral prints summer dresses. Do not frown, even when your favorite summer outfit sitting not as it should because of a few extra kilos, "stuck" in the winter. The answer to the question of how fast to lose weight for the summer is still there. And, notably, it does not contain the word "yogurt", "hunger strike", "fat-burning soup" and other startling turns of speech.

Beautifully lose weight without dieting by summer help system developed by the Canadian Certified fitness trainer Dan Guo. He took the most effective trends - natural frequency of meals, environmentally suitable food and intense, but short on time and just basically load, so you can lose weight to leave, even if it is scheduled in June.

How fast to lose weight for the summer at home

System 21 "Encrypt" in its title the term in days, after which you will be able to see the result. Yes, it takes only 21 days. And you run the risk of only one thing - your old habits and a love of baking. Perhaps the new lifestyle you enjoy so that you will become well fed and to engage further.

Before starting the lead figure in the order to leave, throw:

From the head - the idea that you will not succeed, you are contraindicated diet, you like to eat. I love to eat and the health of the system, you can select a list of 21 products to your personal taste.

From the kitchen - seasoning with glutamate, "stone deposits" sweets and biscuits in the cupboard, all sorts of sweeteners, substitutes for food and other products for weight loss, you have to buy to lose weight to leave last year, but did not eat.

From day mode - night vigil on social networks, a party with alcohol, breakfast permissiveness under the scheme "up to 12 hours can be everything." You need 8 hours of sleep, and 20 minutes for a light workout, that's all.

Lose weight by the summer without dieting: satiety and beauty

Perhaps you think you are deceived. But to lose weight quickly in the summer is only one way - to eliminate all foods that contain empty calories, dyes, allergens. Unfortunately, many people have a hidden allergy to milk and cereals glyutenosoderzhaschie, so for the sake of weight loss rate will have to temporarily exclude these groups. What are we going to eat?

Without hesitation hammered refrigerator vegetables, nuts, fruits, meat and fish. The requirements are simple - these foods should be fresh, high quality and from a list of your personal "favorites". Attention! If you quite a while struggling with excess weight, drop the stereotype that fat in the diet of women losing weight should not be. Eat salmon, avocado, nuts and seeds, any, good, scientists have long rehabilitated healthy fats and simple carbohydrates condemned.

Start feeding the system 21 need with a simple trick - 1 day forget about the fractional and mandatory nutrition. We got up in the morning if there is hunger - water with a slice of lemon, and pleasant things. Once we wanted to eat, eat the fruit but not as you might think, but something at the same time containing a protein and a little fat. Choose breakfast:

Best drink for quick weight loss by summer - pure water or mineral water with iodine. A little "behind" herbal teas, especially hibiscus and Kudinov, but the classic mate, tea, coffee should be limited so as not to get too much caffeine. Juices industrial preparation, we also exclude - in fact not always the manufacturer indicates on the package all the extra spoon of sugar and process steps "distillation" of juice, which deprive him of vitamins. Agree, you drink "homogenized and fortified," better to eat an apple and drink water.

At breakfast - the whole strength of this method. Rich in fats and proteins first meal perfectly balances the blood sugar level and gives you energy. The absence of restrictions on carbohydrates (yes, you can eat fruits and berries) can overcome the feeling of weakness and lethargy. As a result, in 21 days you will become only more cheerful and "independence" from the vagaries of appetite.

In this embodiment, a home diet to fly value is only breakfast. All other meals can be just as you want - listen to your appetite and do not forget about common sense, but do not try to "eat as little as possible." The program works due to the fact that the metabolic rate remains high - for that you should be eating. Try to eat 1-2 servings (150 g) of meat or fish per day, and not "cram" more than 3 kg of fruits and vegetables, but it is an extreme threshold, strive for it is not necessary. Well, in the care of liver nuts is limited to a maximum of 30 grams. Use natural spices with no flavor enhancers, and eat their fill. That's the whole "diet".

Why is it possible to lose weight by the summer

Quite simply - fiber and protein "clean" unnecessary hunger. And the lack of options "to eat a chocolate bar, a muffin, a cup of coffee with milk and sugar" - the possibility of temptation. Follow this diet is much easier than, say, or kefir buckwheat diet, the body it acts softer and gives a comparable effect. By the way, grains, milk and bread and sugar "cleaned" just so you can get a quick effect. All these products contribute to fluid retention in fat tissue, and their exclusion - a rapid loss of volume.

Important: the system is contraindicated for those who need low protein diet - people with kidney and liver. The rest must remember that fruits and vegetables should occupy a greater volume in the diet than meat and fish.