Using the Site


Is JUST CAUSE a non-Profit?

We call ourselves a “For Benefit” company. To us, that means that everything we do should benefit the world around us. But in the black-and-white world of for-profit and not-for-profit, we're a for-profit company.

We have a really simple reason for not running JUST CAUSE as a non-profit (which we thought about doing.) We think there’s a bigger bottom line. For too long, too many businesses have made messes in the world around them, and depended on small, under-funded and under-staffed non-profits to clean up those messes. We have a not-so-secret desire to be part of a business revolution that will result in businesses adopting practices that benefit the world around them.

We know we’ll fall short of our goals. And we’ll have good reasons. Moreover, we’ll share those reasons with you. We will be creating a report card for ourselves that lists all of our goals as a “For Benefit” company. We’ll tell you how we’re doing, because if we can’t meet our goals, there are probably others who can’t either. By working together to look at the problems, maybe we can all come up with solutions together.

Are you going to let anybody create any cause? Pro/anti abortion? Pro/anti gay marriage? What about the controversial issues?

Here’s the deal. We believe in freedom of speech. We also believe that people have the right to passionately pursue the things that matter to them. We will NOT be censoring people’s pages and feel very strongly that vibrant and engaged dialogue is the only way that progress can happen.

That said, there are rules, and we will delete the sites of people who violate those rules. In general, you have to be nice. Anyone who is advocating any kind of violence against other people or their property will be deleted. Period. Anyone who is just using the JUST CAUSE site to call other people names, belittle people, make fun of people or just be mean, will be deleted. We hope to have lots of contrasting views represented, and we hope that the people with those contrasting views will behave ethically, kindly and with an open mind in the hopes of finding common ground and peace.

What is to stop it from turning into a massive collection of crap, like other online social networking sites?

Well, that’s really up to the users, isn’t it? But we hope that because we have such a clear and succinct editorial focus, that is centered around intelligent discussion of serious causes, we’ll attract a higher caliber of user. We’re pretty sure we’re right, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it and constantly making sure that we are offering valuable content and services for the type of people we want to attract, and not offering the kinds of things that would let it turn in to “a massive collection of crap.” (But thanks for asking, this really matters to us!)

Using the Site

I am confused, how do the tabs (Home, Arts, Civic, etc.) interact with the second-level choices (Articles, Causes, Blogs, and Events)?

The tabs represent our content "channels", or subject areas, and the second level choices represent the types of content on the site. If you go to Home, you get a little bit of everything -- all types of content, from all of our channels. If you click on a channel tab (say Environment), you get a little of bit of all the content types, but only items that are about the environment. If you click on Home, then click on one of the content types (say Blogs), you get just blog posts, but from every content channel. However if you click on a channel tab, and then click on a content type, in this case you will get only blog posts about the environment. If that doesn't make sense, just keep clicking, don't think about it too much, and stop when you see something that catches your eye.

There is no "teaser" text for the item I just created.

When you create a content item -- a blog post, a cause description, an event, etc. -- the first couple sentences are supposed to show up as a "teaser" on any pages that show your new content in a list. If you see no teaser, or just an extremely short one, the culprit is usually extraneous HTML mark-up in your item. This can come over when you paste the content from another web page, or a word processing document, etc. To fix it, edit your item, then copy it again from its original source. Then instead of pasting it with the keyboard or Edit menu on the browser, click the Paste as Plain Text button in the text editor (it looks like a clipboard with a T on it). That will paste the text with the extraneous mark-up stripped out, then when you save, your teaser should be generated properly.

How do I export my JUST CAUSE blog to Facebook, or some other site?

You can easily have your JUST CAUSE blog show up on any site that supports incoming RSS feeds -- for example, Facebook. First, go to your blog. The quickest way to do that is log in to JUST CAUSE, and click the My Blog link in the dashboad in the upper right. At the bottom of your blog you should see a tiny little orange RSS icon. It is the one that says "Syndicate content" when you hold your mouse over it. Click that icon. On the next page, select the URL that appears in your browser's address bar, and copy it.

Now go to the site you want to export to, such as Facebook. The exact instructions from here will of course depend on what site you are on. In Facebook, you go to your profile, then the Notes application, then click on "Import a blog" in Notes Settings. Now you should be able to paste in the URL you just copied from JUST CAUSE, and hit Start Importing.

How do I leave a cause?

If you joined a cause, but no longer wish to be a member of it, first go to the page for that cause. For example, click on My Causes in the dashboard in the upper left of the screen, then click on the cause name. You should now see a Take Action menu in the upper left. Click on the last item, called "My Subscription". On that page, click the link that says "Unsubscribe from this cause".