What is

See a Solution? Just Cause It! is the easiest possible way to save the world. No, really. is a social networking site connecting people to causes to create change. It’s social networking as you know and love it, but it actually has a purpose.

Our guiding belief is that we have the power to solve the world’s problems, if we all work together. We built this platform (and will continue to make it slicker, faster, bigger, badder, and better) so that you can share your ideas and resources and solve the problems that matter to you in a way that works for you.

How does work?

Once you've registered with, you can: start your own blog, comment on other people's blogs, create or join causes, and plan or attend real world events. Each time you do any of those, you can (and should) invite others to join you. Before you know it, we’ll have a vibrant community of people solving the world’s problems.

As the networks grow, you'll be able to discover new individuals, organizations, and corporations that care about the same causes you do, and you’ll be able to connect with them.

We have organized all of our content into six broad cause categories: arts, education, the environment, healthcare, civic causes and international issues. Within that however, you can be as specific as you want. You can tag yourself as interested in “education” in general, and keep tabs on what’s going on in that channel, but join the “New School PTA” cause and watch what’s going in that very specific cause as well.

What is a Cause?

A cause is a group of people who all care about the same issue. A cause on JustCauseIt is like a user group on other sites. Causes have a community blog and their own events.

If there is already a cause that is working on what you care about, we recommend joining it rather than starting a duplicate cause. We believe that finding like-minded people is the most important step toward creating change, and they may already be here, working on something with great passion and momentum. That said, if the cause you want isn’t already here, then start it

What can I do on

You can save the world - what more do you want?

Oh, you want to know how. Okay:

  1. You can be heard. By blogging about the things that you think about, the news around your cause, and the things you want to do, you will keep your cause in the public eye, and that’s good. You will also establish yourself as a credible thinker and doer, and that credibility goes a long ways toward getting stuff done. The more active you are, the more your stuff will be seen, and the more you’ll be able to do (but then, that’s true in life in general, isn’t it?).
  2. Start or join a cause. You must be here because you are passionate about something. So start a cause, write about it and invite others to join it. The bigger the cause is, the more people will be talking about it, the more likely you are to get stuff done.
  3. Plan an event. Get something done. We are about what happens when all that cool conversation turns into cooler action. So plan an event, and invite people to attend it.
  4. Tell us how it’s going. Is your cause making a difference? Did your event make some change? Tell us about it -- that’s the good news that we’re looking to write about in our magazine, and on our blog, and in our online articles. We believe that we can change the world, but it is up to you to prove that we’re right.

How do I invite my friends to join me and JustCauseIt?

At the end of every blog post (all of them, not just the ones that you wrote) there is a “send to friend” link. Use it, and send interesting posts to your friends.

In the left column menu of every cause there is an “invite friends” link that allows you to invite multiple friends to join a cause with you.

How do I get started on

The first thing you need to do is introduce yourself. So, create a profile, and share as much information as you can about yourself. Yes, that means a picture, a zip code and “tags” that let others know what causes are important to you. Why does it matter? Well, you’re trying to get people to join you in solving problems, right? So they need to know who you are, and what matters to you, and at least roughly what city you live in so that they can figure out how to work with you. The more you share, the more people will believe you, “trust” you and all that good stuff of which relationships are made. If no one knows who you are, no one will want to play with you. That simple. (Just so you know, this is also good advice at parties in the real world as well.) So let people get to know you. (Really, it’s good advice.)

How is my privacy protected? will not sell the information we collect from our users to third-party companies, period. We assume that you hate spam as much as we do, in all of its forms. We built this company on trust, and that means the world to us.

If you want to know more about our privacy policies, you can read the whole darned thing.

Terms of

You can read our whole Terms of Use, but here’s the gist.

You have to be nice and you cannot advocate any sort of harm to persons or their property. If you do, we’ll take your stuff down faster than you can say, “wait, that’s not what I meant.”

We are all for divergent and widely varied opinions. In fact, if we get too lopsided on one side of an issue or another, we may just chime in with the other side. BUT, you have to be civilized and you cannot advocate harm, no matter what.

I have more questions about and JUST CAUSE LLC.

Cool. We welcome them. Please use our contact form to submit them -- though you may want to check the Frequently Asked Questions page first.