Factors contributing to the development of breast cancer

Breast Cancer Medicine known as carcinomas. The disease is manifested cancer and occupies almost the first among cancers. The place of localization of malignancy is breast. Breast cancer mostly occurs in women and affects about one in the mammary glands. According to research, the residents of Europe malignant tumor seen more often than in Japan.

Statistics on the development of breast cancer

In women aged 45 years, often recorded by breast cancer. The symptoms in the early stages of the disease are almost invisible, they can be detected only by accident without proper inspections. In old age, ill with cancer risk, many women. The malignancy is localized mainly in the upper outer part of the breast near the armpit what is nolvadex. The disease is considered to be exclusively female, but there are situations when the cancer affects men as well as isolated cases of disease of children. At the present time it is noted that the oncological disease in the world is the most common, although some countries have managed to reduce the morbidity of the population. And all thanks to good, and compulsory mass screening of women, as a result of which it is possible to detect breast cancer, signs and symptoms of primary crush, and cure the disease itself.

Women who are concerned about their health, need to know what breast cancer. Symptoms, signs of the disease can become life-threatening and health, if they are not detected in time.

Main place of localization of the carcinoma - breast. Often it is associated with the development of excessive activity of the sex hormones of women or changes in the body at the genetic level. Thus, the cause of the tumor can be:

Despite the many reasons that provoke breast cancer, symptoms occur only as a result of their total summation. Separately neither obesity nor tall nor sedentary lifestyle or other reason can not be a judgment and a worrying sign of the disease.

Symptoms, signs of primary, cell reproduction, which consists of a tumor, the further treatment of the disease is very difficult to predict. The course and severity of the disease passes every woman differently. Sometimes the cancer manifests itself quickly, the symptoms become noticeable near the beginning of the disease, that allows to start a course of treatment. The situation is different when the situation on the contrary, cancer cells grow slowly for no apparent reason and symptoms. In this case, in the breast tumor progresses for a long time, and complicating clinical treatment. Therefore, every woman should know what the symptoms of breast cancer may indicate cancer.

What are the initial signs of breast cancer is characterized by

Almost all cancers in the early stages of development are difficult to detect, it is no exception, and breast cancer. Symptoms onset of the disease can only be detected with a random inspection.

A woman who feels pain for a long time in the mammary gland and discomfort without apparent reason, should immediately be examined by a doctor. The first symptoms of breast cancer are expressed seal, change the size and shape of the breast, its swelling, deformity. With the development of tumor deformed nipple, it can be inferred from bloody or yellowish discharge. The skin at the site of the defeat of a few changes, it becomes wrinkled, sucked dry, it changes its hue. The axillary lymph nodes are increased, in some cases, the notice of the increase above the collarbone or below. It appears a little swelling in the shoulder and breast. When lifting your hands from the development of tumors in the chest cavity or dimple appears.

How often should undergo mammography

In order to timely detect the first symptoms of breast cancer and to prevent the further development of cancer, the woman should conduct breast self-study. Doctors recommend regular check-ups at breast physician who specializes in diseases of the breast cancer. Since the risk of developing carcinoma in women under 40 years is low (but not removed), if they do not have a genetic predisposition to the development of tumors, whereas preventive mammography is optional. At the same time, women from 40 to 50 years, it is desirable to pass a mammogram once every two years, after 50 years and older - once a year.

Women who have found the risk of developing cancer in the breast, regardless of their age, must undergo a consultation with a doctor. With the help of color mammography can detect breast cancer, symptoms, tumor development. Having found the first signs of the disease, the doctor will prescribe additional studies, which will be a special program for the treatment and prevention course.

Breast examination at home for the presence of cancer

Many doctors recommend their patients to regularly conduct breast exams at home. Make it should be 5-7 days after the menstrual cycle. Of course, no one can guarantee that the changes will show up on the first inspection, so it is best to take notes in the diary of every sensation. During visual inspection is necessary to pay attention to the right and left breasts symmetrically whether they are located relative to each other, not increased if one of them has some kind of skin, whether the color in a particular location has not changed.

With feelings also determine breast cancer in women. Symptoms of cancer can be found both in standing and lying down. It is necessary to press his fingertips lightly on his chest so that feel there are any changes, seals, components in the mammary gland and its surrounding tissues. Particular attention should be paid to the teats (if one of them is drawn, whether secretion secretions). Thus it is necessary to pay attention to the lymph nodes in the armpit, not too enlarged ones.

In case, if the woman is still found some changes in the breast, it is necessary to see a doctor who specializes in women's diseases. Suspicious neoplasm may be a benign tumor, breast, so do not be premature to panic and worry. Only after proper medical examination the doctor will be able to establish an accurate and correct diagnosis.

Breast cancer, its stage, and mold

What is a breast tumor and what form it may take? This question is of interest to many women who worry about their health. The more so because breast cancer is different form of education, symptoms, stages and treatments. Today, the TNM system developed common, with which distinguishes the stage of development of the cancer, thus:

Classify the tumor to a particular stage can only be a doctor after the patient will pass all scheduled examinations.

Initial signs of tumors have a direct impact on what form relates to breast cancer in women. The symptoms, the tumor site, stage of the disease and other factors play an important role in cancer, using them define a form of cancer.

Nodular tumor - the tumor is very thick consistency, with the feeling that you do not feel pain. It may take a round or irregular in shape. As it develops, the tumor grows uniformly in all directions and tightly fused with the surrounding tissues. When a patient having breast cancer, raise your hands, then place the tumor becomes visible a small depression or dimple. In the initial stages of tumor formation at the site of the skin becomes wrinkled and dry, but the progression of the skin cancer shrinks very much, may even appear sores. Breast and cervical lymph nodes, axillary, supraclavicular and subclavian departments will increase in size.

Young women often suffer edematous infiltrative form of breast cancer. Accompanied by the disease lack of pain or weak expression. Noticed a seal that extends almost the entire breast area. On the skin of the mother liquor The expressed traces of halos around the nipple.

Despite the fact that mastitopodobny cancer affects breast cancer in women of all ages, it often forms occur in young. However, he expressed increased body temperature, increased breast size, swelling. When the feeling you can feel the increased temperature of the skin at the site of injury and a painful seal large in prostate tissues.

Cancer rozhepodobnoy form their appearance resembles inflammation erysipelatous type something similar to the special purulent infection. Cancer is accompanied by a seal in the gland, reddened skin, increased skin temperature, absence of knots in the feeling.

Pretty dangerous cancer armor-clad form, because the cancer affects the entire glandular tissue, fatty tissue breasts may even spill over to the other breast. Expressed as a decrease in cancer of the breast, her limited mobility, skin lesions over the compacted, has an uneven surface.

This form, like cancer Paget - special, occurs in very rare cases. Important symptoms suggestive of cancer: crusting around the nipple, the place turns red lesions, appears erosion, bleeding and not very deep sores, itching. Deforming the nipple, with the progression of the disease it is destroyed, and in the breast to form tumors. If time does not detect cancer, metastases can then hit the lymph nodes.

Careful examination of the breast helps to know which form of breast cancer related symptoms. Photo made with mammography - the best option in this case.