Eczema on the body buy Diflucan

Eczema on the body - a chronic allergic skin disease, which manifests a variety of itchy rashes. It is characterized by periods of relapse and permanent improvements taking place against the backdrop of a polyvalent sensitization.

Causes and triggers

Under the influence of these causes in the skin begins to develop an inflammatory process, which is accompanied by the appearance of vesicles, bubbles, red itchy spots, erosion and other various changes in the skin, delivering patient discomfort and dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appearance look at more info purchase diflucan online fast delivery.

Periods of exacerbation of a chronic disease associated with emotional stress, errors in diet, exposure to chemical allergens and other factors. Then comes the period of change of exacerbations of clinical improvement, but after a while the process is repeated again and can be complicated by the addition of a secondary infection or herpes.

The disease develops rapidly, regardless of age or sex, and proceeds with constant relapses. In the acute stage, symptoms of eczema on the body appear small eruptions and bubbles on the skin reddened edematous. Gradually, these bubbles are opened, exposing the erosion that produce exudation (weeping eczema). Over time, the number of bubbles decreases, while erosion begin to dry with the formation of scabs and scales. Such a process may be long and is characterized by the existence of the various elements on the skin: vesicles, erosions, crusts, scales, alternating with healthy portions of skin.

In the chronic stage, the skin appears edematous and reddened, it is shelled and in some places there are cracks.

The disease usually takes place, with the defeat of the symmetrical parts of the body, which begins to itch.

One of the options considered disgidroticheskaya true eczema eczema, located on the feet, the lateral surfaces of the fingers and palms. This form manifests a kind of small bubbles and patches of redness that is almost negligible, as the skin in these areas more rough.

Microbial eczema

The process develops in secondary bacterial or fungal infection, in addition, this kind of eczema occurs on the background of the injured parts of the skin, or in patients with trophic disorders and limfostazom, such as diabetes, obesity, varicose disease, and others.

Lesions are arranged asymmetrically and are represented with bright red patches of irritated skin that are covered with crusts. After removing the crusts are exposed to erosion, emit exudate in large quantities.

Seborrheic eczema

The development of the disease play a role neuroendocrine disorders. The lesions often find staphylococci, Candida species, and yeast-like fungi that cause dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis).

Area destruction captures the scalp, BTE folds, upper chest, and flexor surfaces of the limbs.

On his head there is a copious amount of crusts and scales that patients are confused with dandruff, but underneath are arranged erosion weeping surface, glued hair stand out exudate. In the folds of the skin develops painful cracks appear swelling, redness, blemishes and peel.

Baby eczema

It looks like a combination of features of different forms of eczema (microbial, true and seborrheic). It starts in children from three months. Sometimes it can develop a child's first weeks of life against the background of artificial feeding.

The process captures the cheeks and forehead, and then moves on to the scalp, BTE folds and other areas. Children suffer from itching, so suffer from insomnia, bad eating, lose weight and constantly capricious. Kids Leather - reddened, inflamed, with crusts, small bubbles and cracks.

Any parent concerned about the question of how to treat eczema on the body of the child and to prevent its occurrence. For the prevention of disease in children are significant correct way of life of the mother during pregnancy, good nutrition lactating women, the elimination of helminthic invasion and adherence of skin care products. For the treatment use antihistamines, sedatives, calcium preparations and other drugs in appropriate dosages. In severe cases, is carried out hemosorption, plasmapheresis and autohemotherapy. As a topical treatment of infants prescribe lotions Medicinal herbs (chamomile, marshmallow, plantain, etc.).

In children, the forecast is quite favorable for a full life, and to recover from illness. Get rid of eczema in adults will be more difficult, but competent treatment to help cope with the symptoms and return the person to the rhythm.