E. coli in urine in the bladder

Escherichia coli - a microorganism, a place of life which is the human intestine. In fact, the bacterium is not pathogenic, and even taking an active part in the process of digestion of food supplied, the production of vitamin K, as well as it carries out the neutralization of pathogens that are able to trigger the progression of a variety of intestinal pathologies of acute and chronic nature. The medical literature also referred to as Escherichia coli Escherichia coli.

There are many pathogenic organisms that are able to attack the man, causing the development of a variety of illnesses and ailments. Some of them are quite good feel in certain parts of the body and does not cause any disturbances. Such organisms are opportunistic name. However, if for some reason they invade other organs and systems, or are beginning to multiply, the person may develop a variety of illnesses. Just in time for this opportunistic particles applies to E. coli. Let's talk about what is dangerous E. coli in urine in the bladder, treatment in the case of some help getting there does amoxicillin treat uti.

It is known that E. coli is needed by the body. It should be in the intestine, which is part of the optimal microflora, has been actively involved in the process of digestion and synthesis of vitamin K. However, in some cases carrying out the relevant tests can detect E. coli in urine. These findings indicate that the organism is penetrated into the urinary tract, and it should be considered as sufficiently alarming bell. The presence of E. coli in the urine often fixed in children and the fair sex.

In certain cases, this pathology can be explained simply enough - not enough proper collection of laboratory material. Therefore, the detection of Escherichia coli doctors usually advise patients to retake the test.

It is worth noting that quite often E. coli in the urinary tract does not makes itself felt. In this case, doctors say about asymptomatic bacteriuria. Such a state can pass its own, without a treatment, when the body the strength to cope with minor infections, including protective mechanisms of immunity.

Otherwise, the presence of E. coli causes of infection in the urinary tract. In this case the patient worried about a number of unpleasant symptoms, among which the most characteristic is considered burning and pain during urination or at the end of this process, the development of fever and chills. The urine in these patients may acquire especially strong odors, frequent urination usually becomes.

Pathological processes can cause pain in the lower back or kidney problems, a cause of general malaise. From the urethra often appear uncharacteristic discharge pus or blood type, and mucus yellow or greenish color.

Doctors are trying to understand what factors triggered the penetration of E. coli in the genitourinary system. Focusing on the possible causes, as well as on the type of pathogen is selected a full treatment.

Treatment of E. coli in this case involves the use of properly selected antibiotic drugs. They allow you to suppress the inflammatory process and suspend the uncontrolled multiplication of bacteria. The drugs of choice are often based medicines amoxicillin, penicillin antibiotics or tsefatoksim. Such formulations are prescribed even when carrying a child. Also quite often doctors prefer this antibiotic as Furagin, who is a representative group of nitrofuran.

In parallel, the patient is usually prescribed intake of various dietary supplements designed to prevent violation of the microflora in the digestive tract. These can be tools, such as Linex, Bifidumbacterin, bioyoghurt and others.

Correction of E. coli in urine includes adhering to proper diet. Thus, all patients with this diagnosis are strongly encouraged to make your diet based on healthy eating principles, almost completely abandon salt, and drink plenty of pure water usual.

In that case, if the disease occurs especially difficult, requiring hospitalization in the inpatient unit.

Folk remedies

Upon detection of E. coli in urine in parallel with the main treatment you can use traditional medicine to help get rid of unpleasant disease.

It has a good effect of reception mummy. It should consume orally three times a day for half a gram at a time immediately before a meal. Duration of therapy should be one month, then it stands to make a break for five days and repeat the treatment, even in the absence of unpleasant symptoms.

To eliminate E. coli experts of traditional medicine are strongly advised to consume as many dairy products. The ideal choice would be cottage cheese whey and buttermilk.

Also for the preparation of a medicament composition can pay attention to the grass. For example, it has a good effect on the basis of reception of broth cinquefoil goose. A table spoon of the vegetable raw material is only the boiled to make a glass of water and boil on minimum heat for a quarter of an hour. Leave the medication on the night for the infusion, strain and drink after a day in three divided doses.

Thus, E. coli in the urinary bladder - it is quite an unpleasant phenomenon, which, however, is quite amenable to correction.