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  • Gay Marriage Taught in Schools?

    Here in California we will go to the ballot box on Tuesday not necessarily to vote for president (California is going to Obama) but to vote on a proposition that has recieved more attention than any o

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  • Greening the Nonprofit

    At one of the nonprofits I worked at, it was a HUGE struggle to get my colleagues to print on double-sided paper. For regular use within the office, sure, but for board meetings?

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  • Eggs as an Alternative Fuel?

    I have to go somewhere that is 7 miles from my house.

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  • iKids: How to Teach them!

         Many people, including myself, spend a lot of time knocking the American education system but let me tell you one place where I think they are doing alright or at least headed in the right direction.

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  • Are We Openminded Enough To Change Outdated Practices So That We Can Adapt to Our New Climate?

    With today's unpredictable climate, producing an ample food supply for the world's population has become increasingly challenging, especially in developing countries. Much of the farmland in these areas have been made available by clearing rainforests, which only compounds the problem of global warming. Even after the land has been cleared, there's no guarantee that the field will produce a bountiful harvest. Often, a flood, drought, or other natural disaster will prevail, leaving farmers with little or no reward for all their hard work. If the crops do come through, they must be shipped hundreds or thousands of miles to the highest bidding consumers all around the world, and all too often, thrown in the trash where they end up in a landfill. We know our population is growing and demand for food is growing. We know weather conditions will only get worse. How will we adapt as a species to the new habitat that we've created for ourselves? What is the solution?

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  • Katrina Evacuees or Climate Refugees

    When the first pictures of Hurricane Katrina flashed on television in 2005, media used “refugee” to describe those displaced residents.

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