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  • Gay Marriage Taught in Schools?

    Here in California we will go to the ballot box on Tuesday not necessarily to vote for president (California is going to Obama) but to vote on a proposition that has recieved more attention than any o

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  • Art as Activism - Camera Heads Watching the Watchers

    I am neither an artist nor an activist, though sometimes I wish that I had more of both in me. What I am is a story teller.

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  • I Can Make That

    Growing up, my family only bought what we could not make ourselves. Mother made all of our meals from scratch, even while we were on the road. She sewed curtains, crocheted blankets, even made soap by melting down all of our soap scraps. My father had a wood shop in our garage and knew how to use it. He would produce coat racks, toy chests, shelves, desks and other furniture as needed.

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  • My field trip to Girl Glass

    There’s this great little art glass studio here in Sacramento, owned by Shannon Morgan. An unknown number of artists participate in Girl Glass, work collaboratively on projects, from paperweights to goblets, pumpkins and vessels.

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  • Sacramento Bike Kitchen

    I spent the evening tonight at the Sacramento Bike Kitchen. It's a funky non-profit joint, for the neighborhood, by the neighborhood, and oh yeah, there's an awesome gallery attached, too.

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  • A creative mind turns trash into treasure

    There's so much trash in this country. Thrift stores all across America are absolutely bursting at the seams.

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