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"Savvy individuals and forward thinking families realize that supporting a cause bigger than themselves is a powerful way to forge deeper familial bonds. Interested in using their time together more wisely, our clients ask us to transcend traditional vacation planning and facilitate personal 'aha moments' that launchengaged living legacies. Travel is a tool in our 'philanthropy workshop' that we use to help them discover their personal power.

We understand that transforming a 'do-gooder's inclination' into ahigh impact philanthropist requires an artful and consultative approach. We excel at interweaving the traditional fun, excitement, and adventure of a 'vacation,' with opportunities for applied leadership, emotional maturity, and personal commitment. 

We recommend they do so privately to insure family intimacy and the time to reflect on the joy of giving essential to the healthy development of self, family, and community.

Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel client's time spent with partner NGO's varies from as little as a day to an entire week. Our role as trusted philanthropy advisor is to determine how deeply the person or family wants to understand the current humanitarian/environmental issues, and then how they can best utilize their time and financial resources to deliver the greatest impact on the specific issues they decide to support."

 -David Chamberlain

"Money is the voice of your commitment.... let's use money -the thing that people think is so evil -to bring in the light, to transform the future. In a culture of the 'runaway more,' richer, thinner, smarter, better, there is no way to be satisfied. We have lost the meaning of 'enough' - from businesses, societies and communities, to the dinner table. 

The 'more is better' mentality is becoming the nightmare that is killing the planet. We need a new relationship with 'enough.' In the culture of scarcity that is generated in our consumer culture, there is no moment of sufficiency. 

We have to help people reclaim that.

-Lynne Twist

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"If you are coming to help me, you are wasting your time but if you are coming because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together." -Indigenous Saying 


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