Advances in Travel Philanthropy

Advances in Travel Philanthropy

Travel Philanthropy is our passion. Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel has raised over 1 million dollars since 2005; 100% has been donated to our high impact NGO partners in destinations in the USA and around the world. 

Best Practice Consulting in Travel Philanthropy for the Global Travel Industry 
Exquisite Safaris Philanthropic Travel is grateful to have been recognized as a travel industry leader in Philanthropic Travel by the2008 World Travel Market: The Global Event for the Travel Industry.

We are available for consulting, seminars, clinics, and virtual coaching to assist travel companies integrate best practices. 

We can help you understand, and implement an effective, transparent corporate social responsibility travel philanthropy initiative.

Online Resources
What is travel philanthropy?
Why engage in travel philanthropy?
Is there really anything that special about travel philanthropy?
What is the scale of travel philanthropy?

Our Consulting, your Travelers Philanthropy Program
Engaging staff and clients
Identifying initiatives
Managing donations
Deciding between Travel Philanthropy and Voluntourism
Communicating the message, PR, marketing, sales and leveraging social media
Managing the experience before, during and after the trip
Post trip donations 
Understanding consumer motivations and drivers
Destination based philanthropy
Cause or issue driven travel philanthropy
Guides on giving
Defining the scope of your Travel Philanthropy, Philanthropic Travel, Travelers Philanthropy 
Charity challenges 
Social tourism
Corporate responsibility 
Understanding registered charity and 501c3 requirements for effective win, win, win partnerships
Determining market demand and competitors
Best practices integrating climate change philanthropy

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) states that if responsible practices are in place, Philanthropic Travel is the natural interlocutor between the wealth and desires of the global traveler and the socio-economic needs of some of the world's most remote, but heritage-rich communities, natural and cultural sites.

It's vital to manage, through collaboration, the impact of tourism and the low-volume, high yield operators particularly in the luxury tier are in a unique position to deliver service and stability to world heritage. UNESCO sees responsible travel as a delicate balancing act. Tourism involves a series of trade-offs but, within an agreed framework of goals and limits and a climate of educational, respectful relationships, we have one of our most powerful tools for poverty reduction.

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