Randy Barth

Though we've been assured that Randy Barth sleeps, we're not at all sure when he finds time for that. Randy is the new Chairman of the Board of the Greater Santa Ana Business Alliance, a Board Member of the League of California Afterschool Providers, and he serves on the Leadership Council at the University of California, Irvine's Department of Education.

But none of that holds a candle to his real passion, which is keeping kids on track and out of the dangerous lifestyle that he saw sweeping through is SoCal neighborhood in the mid 1990's. That's when he helped create THINK Together.

THINK Together was born in the wake of a violent gang-shooting in Costa Mesa CA, when a group of mothers got together to try and find something for their kids to do after school. Randy Barth stepped in, and this innovative organization now serves more than 35,000 kids each year. Each day includes an hour or so of tutoring to help kids fully understand their schoolwork - as opposed to just learning how to do it - and is topped off with sports and physical fitness.

The result? Thanks to an army of volunteers and a dedicated staff, 71% of THINK Together participants improved their academic performance. Of course, 100% of them are staying out of trouble, at least while they are, well, thinking together. We think that's JUST great.

End notes: 

This article was written for the August / September issue of JUST CAUSE Magazine. You can get a FREE subscription through Zinio.com.

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