Cookies Made With Dirt, Helping Hungry People

Cookies Made With Dirt, Helping Hungry People


CHICAGO, April 7, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- People in the country of Haiti are so desperate for food that they are eating dirt, mixed with vegetable shortening and salt and formed into "cookies." Bright Hope International is asking you to "eat dirt cookies so they don't have to." For a donation of any size, you will receive six cookies made from organic ingredients, including edible dirt (Terramin Clay). Proceeds from the cookie sales will help provide immediate food relief and small vegetable gardens to Haitian families. Dirt Cookies are available at Bright Hope's website at


Recent articles from Jonathon Katz and others have described how dirt cookies have become a staple in this impoverished country, largely due to rising food prices. The cookies have a smooth consistency and once eaten, suck all of the moisture out of the mouth. The unpleasant taste of dirt lingers for hours after the first bite.


Bright Hope decided to make a prototype of the cookie using safer, more organic ingredients and "sell" them to help fund relief and development projects in Haiti which were established to serve the extreme poor.


With the help of Dave Seweryn, a chef for the past 20 years and a Bright Hope volunteer, a recipe was developed using edible clay. "The cookies are made to remind people about the poverty that exists in Haiti," Dave observed. "You can eat these cookies, but they don't taste good. They aren't supposed to. They aren't treats, but bitter examples of what a person will eat when hungry enough."


There is no set price of a bag of six cookies. Bright Hope Partnership Director Mike Rutter says, "We want people to give what they can...what they think it's worth giving so someone doesn't have to eat these nasty dirt cookies."


Funds raised through the campaign will help Haitian families. For every $50 collected, a needy family will received a month's supply of rice and practical help starting a vegetable garden. Craig Hilton Dyer, President of Bright Hope International says, "The immediate need for food is desperate, but we can't ignore the opportunity to help families become self-sufficient."


The Dirt Cookie Campaign is just one way that Bright Hope is meeting the needs of starving families and children in Africa, Latin America and other regions.


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Photos Available: Dirt Cookie Package, Volunteers baking cookies

CONTACT: Craig Dyer, President of Bright Hope International, +1-224-520-6100, Cell: +1-847-971-4566, [email protected]