Business Textiles and Nonwovens of Ultrasuede: Benefits and Prospects

How is the implication and future prospect of business textiles and nonwovens Ultrasuede? What is an Ultrasuede, anyway, and how is it different from other types of fabric? Well, aside from the quality of the texture, the Ultrasuede is basically a business trade or brand for the synthetic fabric that is made from microfiber.

The fabric alone was invented back then in 1970s. Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto was working at Toray Industries at that time and he invented the fabric in Japan. So far, the Ultrasuede has been used in the fashion industry, as well as auto industry (for the headliners and seats), the marine industry, the furnishing industry, and also for industrial function.

Understanding the Differences

Before getting to the details of the fabric, what is its basic difference with the real suede and faux suede? Well, the real suede is the underside leather area of the animal – generally from lamb, cow, goat, or pig.

When compared to the leather, it is not so tough and durable.

Cleaning it is rather difficult too; not to mention that it is not resistant to dirt and water. The faux suede, on the other hand, has a better quality than the real thing because it is made from 100% polyester fabric. Basically, there are things to like from the faux suede, as:

  • It is synthetic and yet it is even softer than the real suede.
  • It is easier to clean and it is more water resistant.
  • Not only it is cheaper than the real thing, it is easier to care. And for the Ultrasuede, it is basically a brand for the faux suede.

So, how is the prospect for the business textiles and nonwovens for this faux suede?

The Business Prospects

As it was mentioned before, the Ultrasuede has a better quality and performance than the real suede – with half the price of the real thing too. That’s why the business textiles and nonwovens have seen a positive prospect, especially for the future usage.

The Ultrasuede was designed as the brand for the higher quality faux suede, followed by Majilite and Sensuede, another brands with microfiber synthetic fiber construction – similar to the Ultrasuede.

The Ultrasuede itself is made from the 80% nonwoven polyester (with recycled 100% ultra microfiber). It is also made from 20% polyurethane nonfibrous to the 65% polyester and the 35% polyurethane – the exact composition depends on the product line itself.

If you are familiar with Alcantara, well, Ultrasuede is the sister fabric. Whereas Alcantara is made in Italy, Ultrasuede is made in Japan. Quite a great prospect of business textiles and nonwovens in the future, eh?

Credit : erek erek